Yuhe do Vale do Lethes

Yoana do Vale do Lethes

Baby Latin Winner 2021(BLW21)

Baby CPC Winner 2021(BCW21)

Ch Wolf do Vale do Lethes

Portuguese Champion



Ch Starlight do Vale do Lethes

Portuguese Champion

Portuguese Jahressieger

jCh Gibraltar

Puppy Mediterranean Winner

(Best female born in Portugal/17)

(Best female born in Portugal/15)


Ch Pokerface do Vale do Lethes

Portuguese Champion


Ch Outlaw do Vale do Lethes

Ch Czech Republic

Club Champion

Club Winner

Winner of Prague

Ch Oliver do Vale do Lethes

Portuguese Champion

Romanian Champion

International Champion

Belgium jahressieger 2017 

Lisbon Winner

Porto Winner

Portuguese jCh

Portuguese Boxer Club jCh

Young Promise 2013 (JP13)

Trophy Tomaso Bosi (it)

Trophy Vesuvio Winner (It)





HD - A

SP 0


jCh Olga do Vale do Lethes

Egypt Junior Champion

jCh Nobel do Vale do Lethes

LATIBOX Junior Champion

Peru Junior Champion

Ch Noisemaker do Vale do Lethes

Poland of Champion

Polish Jahressieger 2014

Polish JahresJugendSieger 2012

Ch Mito do Vale do Lethes

Junior World Winner 2011

Portugueses Champion

Spanish Champion

French Champion

International Champion

International Beauty Champion

Mediterranean Winner 2015

Lisbon Winner 2012

French Jahressieger 2013

French Klubsieger 2013

Portuguese Jahressieger 2013

Portuguese KlubSieger 2012

Portuguese Jahressieger 2012

Spanish Jahressieger 2012

Spanish KlubSieger 2012

Spanish Junior Champion 2011

Spanish JahresJugendSieger 2011

Italian JahresJugendSieger 2011

Spanish KlubSieger 2011

Portuguese KlubSieger 2011


Ch Karlos do Vale do Lethes

Portugueses Champion

LATIBOX Champion

Peru Champion

International Beauty Champion

International Expositions Champion

Peru KlubSieger 2013

JahreSieger Peru Boxer Club/12

JahreSieger Peru Boxer Club/11

JahresJugenSieger Spanish/09

KlubSieger Portuguese Boxer Club/10

KlubSieger Portuguese Boxer Club/11

Young Promise 2009 (JP09)

T.S. - B.H. - RCI-Pré - RCI I - ZTP - APE

jCh Kikas do Vale do Lethes

Cyprus Junior Champion

Junior Aphrodite Winner09

JAW09 (Chipre)

Ch Ibsen do Vale do Lethes

Brazilian Champion