Ch Karlos do Vale do Lethes
Dn. 2008-04-17 LOP 395843

Owner: Mythos Boxers

Jorge Romulo

Lima, Peru

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Portugueses Champion

Peru Champion

International Beauty Champion

International Expositions Champion

Champion LATIBOX

JahreSieger Peru Boxer Club/12

JahreSieger Peru Boxer Club/11

KlubSieger Peru Boxer Club/13

KlubSieger Portuguese Boxer Club/11

KlubSieger Portuguese Boxer Club/10

JahresJugenSieger Spanish/09

Young Promise 2009 (JP09)

T.S. - B.H. - RCI-Pré - RCI I - ZTP - APE

HD - A (HVP) HD C1- B.K.E.V.

Free of Cardiomiopathy - S0 STP0

Free of Spondylosis - Grade - 0

HD/RTG (Patella) Grade - 0

Homologation from the Svenska KennelKlubben

Certificate of eye examination by European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists - ECVO

Free of; PPM - PHTVL/PHPV - CATARACT (Congenital) - RD - HM - CEA